Creating and Adding Data in Google Sheets


I am new to Retool. I am trying to create an app which should allow end-users to upload their data file in .csv format. This .csv file should create a new Google Sheet with name+date-range, and have all column & row data that is in the .csv file.

I connected Google Sheets as a Resource and created a query with Action Type "Create a spreadsheet". Upon selecting a .csv using the fileinput1 button (where this query is triggered using event handler), it creates a google sheet but it does not take any data that is in the original .csv file. What am I missing here? Any help will be appreciated!

hello, you are right. Your action Create a spreadsheet is just create a blank new spreadsheet without data. And in next step you need to create a new query select Google Sheets as a Resource and with Action append data to a spreadsheet.


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Thanks. That worked!