Hide new table action button

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Trying to create two buttons in a table (the new component). One to "block" and another to "unblock" a resource. The idea is that active resources will see a block button and blocked resources will only see the unblock button.

I noticed that currentRow is not available on the Hidden property for an action button.

Although I can access selectedRow the behavior is not ideal as the buttons will show based on the selected row and not the one being hovered.

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When I use currentSourceRow, there is a hint that.

It seems like this was intentionally designed this way?


That's a big pity. I think there are very valid UX use cases when that should happen. In my case it means that if not supported we will need to hack a button as HTML to overcome the limitation

I've got the same question. How to access Current Row in Action (hover) hidden property?

hi all! @AnsonHwang is correct that this is intentional. however, we recently added a Button column type that supports conditional formatting based on currentSourceRow. hopefully this is helpful to your usecases!

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