Hide Column in Table Component based on criteria

In the Table Component > Column properties panel, it would be helpful to have a "Hide When" criteria so a column can be hidden when certain conditions are true.

Example User Story: a column should be shown when a manager is logged in, but hidden when a non-manager is logged in.

Hiya @sfbrophy,

I think what you are getting at can already be done using the table’s “Dynamically Show Key” property and a ternary, but am not entirely sure. Maybe try setting the Dynamically show key value for the column you are looking to “Hide When” to something like: {{current_user.groups[‘0’].name == ‘admin’ ? ‘true’ : ‘false’}}

Hope this was what you are looking for!


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@sfbrophy @JoeyKarczewski yep, that’s what the toggle is for. You are always one step ahead :slight_smile:

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