How to hide a table button for a specific condition

I have a custom table column which contains buttons. I need to hide the buttons for a specific value of another column.
So, For example "Released in SCALE" is 'X' then hide the button from that row otherwise keep it visible.
How do I achieve that?

use {{currentSourceRow.released_in_scale === 'X'?true:false}} in the Hidden field for that column if you are using the Table component
If you are using the Legacy table
then use {{currentRow.released_in_scale === 'X'?true:false}}

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Thanks this gave me a direction.
In the end this worked for me:

{{(currentSourceRow["Released in Scale"] == 'X') ? '<div class="table-button">Cancel</div>':''}}

Here, The button get displayed only where the row has "Released in Scale"] == 'X'

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