[HELP] Need CSR to Redirect own domain to Retool domain

Not really self-hosted.
I'd just like to redirect the domain I purchased on namecheap to my retool apps for presentation purpose.

I'd like my domain to have HTTPS and for that I needed to enter CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to activate SSL.

Namecheap told me that I can get it from where I host my site.
So my question is, since I'm hosting my apps on Retool, where can I have this CSR?

Hey @mopkaloppt!

Custom domains currently aren't supported for Cloud but it is something that's being looked into and I can let you know here when they are!

For now, you might try embedding Retool in an iframe (docs) - does that seem like it could work for the time being?

Hey! Just want to make sure it's mentioned here that custom domains are now available on Cloud! :tada: