Custom domain name under retool organisation domain

Hi all. I have my organization subdomain, but whae im creating A record for new domain using my organizations retool domain i cant verify my new custom domain. Please help to which address should i create an A record.

Have to point it at retool IP

Configure a custom domain for Retool Cloud | Retool Docs

I did it, i pointed all ips from article with and its not working. Maybe i needs to put A record with exact "" or which domain should i put in DNS A record?

if you are trying to create a sub-domain to your domain in your DNS settings you create an A record with whatever subdomain you want in my example I used app so the absolute url to your retool app would be

The three IP's i have connected are the three retool IP's they need you to create the records for

I just figured out what you meant, so yes if you want your subdomain to be retool then you would just reverse it like you have in the example.

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i did again, but it still not working. Here i paste my DNS A record

and im putting into custom domain field in Retool

Hey @nekitdar, running the dig command on shows that DNS isn't pointing to the Retool IP addresses.

Once those are properly updated, Retool should be able to verify the domain. I'd check with your DNS provider to see why the update hasn't gone through.

Thank you so much. I found 3 ips in retool doc and paste it to A record, but it didn`t updated... something strange. i pointed domain to ,,

@nekitdar just checked again and the dig command is showing the correct results. Does verifying in Retool now work?

Thank you very much, all working good) problem was in Proxy on my DNS

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