BUG: Issues with renaming screens

There are some strange issues occurring when renaming screens in various scenarios. I will try to detail them here.

  1. On any given screen, add a component.
  2. Select the current screen by clicking its name in the screens panel, and in the right panel, change its name to anything, hit Enter.
  3. First issue is here - upon hitting Enter to commit the screen name change, notice the components panel shows empty (although there are components on the screen).

  1. Second issue - this varies depending on whether you clicked inside the screen canvas after the screen rename or not.

If you did select anything on the screen after rename, click to add another component.

Once a component is selected, the screen changes to the first screens, so you're no longer on the screen you thought you were adding a component to.

If you click to select the screen you were previously on, you will see the component you added there.

If you did NOT select anything after the screen rename (or go back to step 2 and rename the screen again)., click to add another component

Once a component is selected, it looks like it gets added to the screen, but the screen changes again to another screen (probably the first one).

If you click to select the screen you were previously on, you will NOT see the component you added there. It does not appear in the components panel, or on the screen itself.

Strangely, it DOES exist in the other (general/all) components panel furthest to the left. Basically, the component WAS added nowhere - an orphan component?

Hope this makes sense, let me know if I can provide additional details.

PS: The screenshots were taken a few days ago prior to what looks like an update that introduced some changes to the screens panel, including the ability to rearrange the screens! Thank you for that :slight_smile: - I was gonna post a feature request for it as my next post. )

Hey there @27shutterclicks! Are you still seeing the issues you mentioned after the change to the screens panel? They don't seem to be reproducing for me anymore but will keep trying if it's something that's still showing up for you!

Hi @Kabirdas, thanks for the follow up.

At the time I posted this shortly after the screens update, the issues were still present.

Now, after an even newer update that introduced the new IDE, the issues are still present and I discovered some new ones also. I'll try to detail them below.

Old issues still present

New issues - Ghost component appearances

Thankfully, I still had the test app that I used to take the screenshots of the original issue. So I went back to it and created a new screen called "test".

I'll let the captioned screenshots below tell the rest of the story:

There are good chances that the ghost checkbox6 component was one of the orphaned components from previous tests, the strangest part being that it persisted between app reloads.

So I think there's still work to be done on this one :slight_smile: .

Here are the exact steps I can use to recreate this on my end.

Also, thought I'd mention that in my tests I renamed the screens using the Inspector panel and not by double clicking the screen name in the Screens panel.

@27shutterclicks a couple other team members and I tried reproing this on the latest cloud version along as well as a couple previous versions, but with no luck. Would you mind if I took a step into your instance and tried taking the steps you laid out in that same app you created? It might also help if you could share browser/os information.

We have reproduced a bug where renaming screens causes the focus to switch which sounds like it may be related since you mentioned selecting the container was key to fixing some of the behavior. I'll let you know here when that's fixed but in the meantime, if we could step in we may be able to get additional context for any surface area that bug doesn't cover.

@Kabirdas Thanks for checking in.

Let me take a look and see if this still exists. There may have been a small substep required to reproduce it, that I discovered after the fact.

I'll get back to you soon on this.