Group Rows Table

Hey team thank you for the great improvements for exposing the ability to expand and hide rows.

To use this functionality to the full potential please allow for:

  • Dynamic grouping - this would allow us to build UIs where users could programmatically group rows to pivot them via different axis, super useful feature when working with financial data

  • Sorting doesn't work on grouped rows - being able to sort by any column would be a game changer

Thank you!




Hi @stefancvrkotic, great feedback! We have a FR for sorting grouped rows. I added "Dynamic grouping" and all the +1s from this topic to the request. We'll leave it open to collect more +1s, and we'll share any updates on this feature.

Seems the ability to set grouping dynamically has been exposed :raised_hands:

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This feature may have been part of a different request, but I'm glad it works for your use case! The other one is independent from event handlers. I'll share your approach internally. This looks like a great workaround for other users! :sunglasses: