Google proto files are not included in gRPC parsing

I'm trying to include some gRPC files in my Retool deployment (which is deployed with Docker Compose). Retool is currently failing to parse some of my proto files, because it can't find the Google proto types. This is an excerpt from my logs:

gRPC: Could not parse file: /retool_backend/protos/bb.proto Error: no such type: google.protobuf.Empty

The gRPC documentation says that the Google proto files should be included. Any help here is appreciated.

As a suggestion to Retool: It's rather clunky that I have to place Proto files in a folder and restart the service. It would be great if I could provide a FileDescriptorSet, giving a complete (and pre-built) definition of my APIs. Would be happy to discuss this with you further, if you're interested.

We finally found a solution for this: ensuring all the imports are sorted. I have no idea why that fixes it.