gRPC resource reflection type resolution

Goal: define a resource connecting to a remote gRPC service using reflection

Steps: configured a resource connecting on my remote host on port 443 and relying on a bearer token, and selected "Connect to gRPC using Server Reflection", then enabled "Use SSL/TLS"

Details: while "Test connection" works well, when I try to use the resource in an app, I get the following error:

However, the messages and types are available through the reflection service:

grpcurl -H 'authorization: Bearer *******’ ********:443 describe .example.v1.public.users.User
example.v1.public.users.User is a message:
message User {
  .example.v1.common.Gender gender = 6;

grpcurl -H 'authorization: Bearer ********’ ********:443 describe .example.v1.common.Gender
example.v1.common.Gender is an enum:
enum Gender {
  FEMALE = 1;
  MALE = 2;

I tried to look at the documentation to understand if there was some kind of limitations on reflection, but didn’t find anything that seemed relevant.

Is this something that’s supposed to be supported out-of-the-box? Did I missed something obvious here?

Thanks in advance for any help :pray:

does the name of that enum start with a . or is that a typeo?

It's not a typo, it's part of the server reflection response.

Hi @batou Our team is looking into this internally, so I'll keep you posted if I get any updates or if we have any follow up questions!

Is clicking "Test Connection" button on the resource successful or does that have an error as well?

Hi @Tess,

Thanks for the update!

Yes, I can confirm that the "Test Connection" works fine:

Thanks! Our team is still looking into this. If you can share your proto files with me, that could help us research. Either way, I'll post here with any more updates