gRPC reflection

Hey folks!

I have successfully deployed Retool on-prem on our Kubernetes cluster using the Helm chart (Chart version 5.0.5, image version 2.119.14) and am trying to access our internal gRPC services. All of our services are equipped with reflection endpoints. However when I follow the gRPC guide I don't see any possibilities to work with reflection or to upload .proto files. All I see when I try to create gRPC resources is this:

Stays the same when I enter all the details for our service like host and port, etc.

Am I missing something?

Hey @Ron! This was released to Cloud last week, so it won't be On Prem for a bit (usually a few weeks behind our Cloud release schedule). Sorry about the confusion here :sweat:


Ah I see, no problem! I can use the proto files as a workaround for a few weeks :slightly_smiling_face: How do I use those though? I don't see the option to upload them anywhere either?

I checked with the team and heard that "I think this has been On Prem for a while and the Cloud version is what's new!"

Would these docs be helpful at all?