Google Cloud Storage Integration - CORS - Multiple file uploads

Hello, I have followed the instructions in these docs pages to create a file picker to upload multiple photos to google cloud storage.

Single uploads work correctly, but multiple uploads always fail with a CORS error.

I've set the cors config as

      "origin": ["https://*"],
      "responseHeader": ["Content-Type", "x-goog-acl"],
      "method": ["GET", "HEAD","POST", "PUT", "DELETE"],
      "maxAgeSeconds": 3600

But still keep getting the same error, is there anything more I can do to debug this? It's blocking us launching

Thank you

Hi there @tombot :wave:

Happy to help you out here with your file uploading issue :smiley: Yea, that is odd that you're able to successfully upload a single file but not multiple. What kind of files are these? Are there multiple types of files being uploaded? Also, can you share a screenshot of your query where you're uploading to your storage? Really interested in how you're utilizing the file upholder's value property.



Hey, thanks for the reply. Intercom support helped me, the root cause was that I was passing the value of the image as the filename :see_no_evil: