I can't upload file to Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

Hi all,

I have been following examples to upload files to GCS.
So, I am using file input UI, and a query that I created called "uploadFileToGCS".

So, as you see in my screenshot, it says "query ran successfully", but I don't see the file in my GCS....

I am running out of ideas...

Hi @rontendo !

I'll gladly assist you with this!

Are there any errors in your console? Feel free to screenshot those if there are!

In addition, can you read from GCS or run any queries from this GCS resource work?
And in that specific bucket in GCS, is anything uploaded from Retool? Please let me know!

Hi, rontendo

I also get the same error and cannot upload.
Did you find a solution?

Same boat.

I have followed all the steps in the following document:

I am using an Image Picker.