Connecting to Firebase Cloud Storage returns CORS error


We are trying to build a file upload option that saves the files in Firebase Cloud Storage.
Seemingly the setup is correct, but for some reason, we keep getting CORS error.

"origin": [""],
"responseHeader": ["Content-Type", "x-goog-acl"],
"method": ["GET", "HEAD","POST", "PUT", "DELETE"],
"maxAgeSeconds": 3600

Would anyone have an idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

Hi there @researchco!

Are you still blocked here? If so, could you try setting the origin to “*”?

Using the * wildcard lets traffic in from any Retool subdomain. You can limit traffic to your specific subdomain if you’d like though, so your approach should work in theory, but the wildcard is worth a shot to get you moving!

Another question, do GETs work for you?

This has been resolved, thank you - we were on the wrong path.

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