"Go to app" action isn't working on newly opened tab + editing mode

In the following simple setting, where there is a button linking to any other app, normally I can click the button and go to the desired app. However, when I copy the app's editor link ( https://xxx.retool.com/editor/testApp ), open a new tab from it, and then click the link button, it just does not work. It shows error message like below.

When the app is in preview mode, or if the app is opened from main page, this issue would not occur. so I guess some informations are missing when the editor page is server side rendered.

Hey @dlwocks31 - We're looking in to this issue now! When you say "When the app is in preview mode, or if the app is opened from main page, this issue would not occur", do you mean the app that contains the button with the "Go to app" action doesn't throw this error in preview mode, or that the target app loads fine in preview mode?

Thank you so much! Regarding your question, I think I didn't explained the problem well enough, so I'll try to add some additional explanation.

Let's say "the app that contains the button" = testApp / "the target app targeted by the button in testApp" = targetApp.
To reproduce this bug, you need two condition at the same time:

  1. testApp must have been opened in new tab. So if you opened the testApp from a click in retool main (https://xxx.retool.com/), which does not open a new tab, the opened testApp would have a well-functioning button which opens targetApp.
  2. testApp should be in editor mode. (/editor/testApp)

Hey @dlwocks31! Thank you for all your patience here. Go to app should be fully functional again! How does it look on your end?

This error appears to be back -- though this time it seems that the "open app" action stopped working sometime today for published apps but still works while in edit mode. :man_shrugging:

Is it similar to this issue?

Hey @lightbody_reclaim and @dcartlidge, this definitely looks like a regression on our end. We just pinged the on call engineers to take a look urgently, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated!

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Good news—we just deployed a potential fix! :tada: How are things looking on your end?

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Looking good, thank you!

Awesome :raised_hands: Thank you for writing in about this and for connecting the two posts! Appreciate it

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