Getting unusual response from ReorderableList Component

When using the ReorderableList component in Retool, dragging the last row or any row out of the table causes the entire data in the ReorderableList to disappear. This issue occurs only on the first attempt after the source data is refreshed. If I reorder 2 or 3 rows first, then try dragging one row out, the data does not disappear.
I don't know weather it a bug or I am not doing it correctly
in Array to order my source is


in **Array of HTML/ Markdown to render** in place souce is 


return '<table style="border:1px solid black; width:100%;"><tr><th style="padding:5px 10px; width:33%; ">'+row.Title+'</th><th style="padding:5px 10px; width:33%;">'+row.Description+'<th></th><th style="padding:5px 10px; width:33%;">'+row.BodyText.slice(0,20)+'...<th></tr></table>'


I attached a video as as well