Getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND getting this error when I call the private api in my company

How do I call the API under VPC on retool?

Did you set up the resource? Does the API require authentication?

How to setup resource? No, the api doesn't require authentication.

It is fixed now.

Hi, @Slimshadynick :wave:

Thanks for posting and I'm glad to hear you've got the API set up and working now. Also thanks @ScottR for contributing here with follow-up questions pointing to setting up a resource and checking authentication.

Out of curiosity, what ended up solving things for you? Did you end up setting it up as a resource, like our REST API resource which can connect with any service that offers a REST API?

Others who see this post in the future might have run into a similar issue/question and could learn from your solution :smile:

I am seeing the same issue. In my case though the stating url is working fine only the prod is erroring out. Also I have tested the prod url in postman and it is working fine. Any idea?

Uncaught (in promise) {"data":{"error":true,"message":"request to https://hostname/api/admin/add-user failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND","queryExecutionMetadata":{"estimatedResponseSizeBytes":156,"resourceTimeTakenMs":155,"isPreview":false,"resourceType":"restapi","lastReceivedFromResourceAt":1659394609193},"source":"resource"},"errorData":"request to https://hostname/api/admin/add-user failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND","displayOptions":{"hideToast":false},"trigger":"NATURAL_FAILURE"}

Hey @astart, adding staging configs after prod configs usually overrides the prod credentials. Do you have other environments set up? If so, can you recreate the resource and just added prod details while not adding other environments?