Free Version, on Premise, moving code between a local Docker instance and one on the server

HI, totaly a newbie here. Been playing with Retool on my person Mac in Docker. Connecting a SQL Server I store data in. This is for use at home with some infrastructure I have. Been impressed with the speed to develop quick pages access SQL Server with SPs as well as straight queries. I am looking to use a server at home to hold some of the work I have been doing, using Docker. But new to all this, including Docker, is there a way to push the ReTool Code to another Docker instance. Was going to try via source control native integration with ReTool, but that isn't supported in the free version. Wondering if I use VS Code with a Docker Plug in I can access the code that ReTool uses just to push it to another machine. This is for NON Commercial use.

Hope that question make sense. Any insights would be appreciated.

Hello @KeithMacK!

Are you all using RDS for the Postgres DB that Retool runs on? If so, you can point the new cluster to the same DB with the POSTGRES_* environment variables if you're looking to just switch it over, or you can dump/restore the DB into a new one if you're looking for overlap with the transition. This page kind of gets at how to do that for a docker-compose deploy, but essentially you'd still utilize pg_dump to get the DB to a file, and then restore it in the new one. Let me know if I'm missing anything and I can send along more of the specifics if I'm following you here!

Thank you. This helps a lot. Will give it a try over the weekend. But a great starting point. Like the idea of a single DB too. Will make sure my backup is effectively backing that up as well.

Awesome! Definitely let me know how it goes :slight_smile: