Forms, many bugs - major issue with data loss

Hi Team,

I'm working on a project for a client but I'm losing the will to live after recommending the new standalone form feature to build our tooling.

The major issue is that if there are any changes to the source table, the form loses all its formatting... but sometimes it just loses all the formatting even if you just want to edit without any changes to the source table.

I am trying to build many forms with 100s of fields each, so you can imagine that getting to the end of formatting, publishing and then losing all your work when you need to make a revision is heartbreaking.

Has happened to me 4 times today, 4 hours of time lost - and time is money, and stress!

Example is here - this form is published but unable to have data submitted (for the record, this error is just a freak, no changes have happened to the db in this instance)

But when I go to the editor, the form is completely blank. Hours of formatting lost.

Infuriating :frowning:

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Its just happened again when I tried to recreate the form. This product is almost unusable.

Just as an update - the data that was in the linked form is missing. to save me looking like an idiot, it did have 50 previously meticulously formatted components within it.

Hi James - Retool PM here. Sorry to hear about this, we definitely want to get this sorted for you. Are you free for a call anytime today so we can troubleshoot together? Please email me at

Shout out to Jamie & James from the 'Forms' team for looking into this for me :slight_smile:


Hey @James_Pates,

I was able to identity the problem !
I'll update this post again once the fix is deployed.


Hey @james.lee,

How'd you get on with this?

I had the issue again the other day ... I have some new revisions I'd like to make to a huge form but don't want to lose the formatting.


Hey @James_Pates,

I deployed the fix for this yesterday afternoon.

Can you try again and let me know if you find any problems !

Hi @james.lee

I probably encountered the same issue on Feb 20.
I've just opened up an existing Form on our account and all of the sudden the whole form configuration disappeared. If I remember correctly I clicked on "Open Workflow" in the "Actions" tab as I wanted to see what the workflow does. Afterwards the form was completely empty (see screenshot). No components, no workflows, no more color settings. All gone.

The form configuration did not re-appear since. Is there a way to restore that form to the previous version?

Looking into this for you now, @Fabio_Kuhn!

The underlying issue has been fixed by James! :raised_hands: And we're currently checking to see if there's anything we can do to restore your form. Will keep you updated in this thread :slight_smile: