Form submitting whenever a field inside is changed

I noticed the issue when I'd fill in a form, click submit, and noticed multiple records being created.

After some digging, I realized the POST request was being made whenever any field inside that form would change. Interestingly, I put a "run script" event to console.log when the onSubmit event was fired as well. However the script was not being executed when inputs would update, which leads me to believe this isn't actually triggering a form submission, rather, a rogue request?

My configuration of the form looks correct. There is only one trigger, onSubmit, that should trigger the request.

Is this a bug? Something I'm missing? The other forms in my app seem to be okay and unaffected.

In the query, did you select the option to run when inputs are changed or to run when triggered manually?

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Ahhh missed that. That'll do it! Thank you Scott!