Form issue when tagging field as required

First time building an app so not sure if I am doing something wrong here, but I feel this could be a bug? Any help would be appreciated.

Whenever I select a field as 'Required' the field does not update in the form view when selecting a new row in the table. I am using the retool DB for this data set. The other fields update fine, and when I remove the validation rule, the field then updates as expected

How are you setting the value for that field? When looking at other fields are you populating them with the selected row data in the table? And if so, how?

Hi ScottR, thanks for the reply.

I set the form up as per the documentation guide below. Data source set to {table1.selectedRow}}

Build and generate input forms | Retool Docs

Initially when I set it up, the Postcode field changes as expected when I select a new row. It only froze once I made it a required field in the validation.

I have gone into my project again this morning and Postcode field is now working as expected, which is odd as I have made no amendments to this at all.

To test this, I have now added validation 'Required' to Type field, and the same issue happens. The type is now 'stuck' on the selected row when I tagged the validation and does not change when I select a new row. (For reference, I was selected on row - Site 4 when changing the validation.)

It seems that this is a bug. If I exit edit mode and go back into edit mode it behaves as expected, so this is my workaround.

Hi @stumblesnore Thanks for reaching out about this! I'm seeing the same bug on my side :disappointed: I'll flag this to our team for a fix

It seems to work upon re-loading the page -- hopefully you're seeing the same!

Having the same issue right now - quite a critical bug as users might overwrite existing data if the required fields aren't resetting as they're supposed to!

Reloading the page did the trick for me, too.