Reset after successful submit not working

I have a simple app with two tables and two entry forms for data into those tables. On both of my entry forms I have the option for "reset after successful submit" unchecked, but it is only correctly working on the top form. Is there something I am missing about how to get this functionality to work on both forms?

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Any chance you can share more details/screenshots...?

Sure. Hopefully these may help

Basically my queries are written exactly the same and everything is set up the same on these input forms, but clearly something is different or possibly there is a software bug. I have even tried deleting my form that is acting up and duplicating the form that is working correctly and reconnecting the newly created form to the database queries and no luck on getting a change in form behavior. The incorrectly working form still continues to reset itself to blank values. All it needs to do is retain the input values and not reset after hitting submit

I just ran both forms and upon submission I noticed an error on the second form, could this possibly be what is making it reset and if so how can I fix this error?

Fixed it myself. Clearly I'm an idiot. Thanks anyways @ScottR

For any future people who struggle as much as I did here, you don't need a data source in the data source field when building the form and my incorrect formatting there was likely throwing the error

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Thanks for sharing the solution back here @rdm41 ! You'd be surprised, plenty of others may run into a similar thing and find this super useful in the future. Appreciate you contributing to our treasure trove of solutions to problems of all kinds :slight_smile: