Click outside numberInput before submitting

When I change some textInput and then hit Submit the new value is recorded to the db. But when I change numberInput I have to click somewhere outside numberInput or hit enter before submitting otherwise the value won't be recorded.

Seems like bug. Or is there some way to change this behavior?

@Pavel Some screenshots will help - for example what does {{numberInput.value}} resolve to before you hit submit after you have changed it?

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Hey @Pavel!

Thanks for surfacing this, this actually is a bug that our dev team is currently looking into, I'll let you know here when it has been resolved.

There may be an intermediate workaround for your particular use case though, so as @ScottR mentioned it would be great to see some screenshots of your setup that all of us can take a look at :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is not much to show honestly. I have a form where one of the input fields is a numberInput. Then I do some stuff in a transformer and then save this transformer via SQL-query using Bulk upsert via a primary key.
The thing is the numberInput value isn't changed in the transformer unless I click outside the element or hit Enter.

Thank you for your answer.

That makes sense. With this bug, there are possibly little tweaks that can get you running properly more immediately, like using a JavaScript query instead of a transformer. Finding the right one can be dependent on exactly what your setup is though. If you're interested in exploring that route it would be helpful to see screenshots of how you have the input, transformer, and SQL query configured (as well as the form if you're using one?). You can also write to us through the in-app chat and we can take a closer look with you!

Hey all! Just want to give and update here that you can use the inputValue property on the number input component instead of the value property. The latter will still only update on blur but the former will update immediately:

Let me know if that doesn't work!