Error: Validation "value required in field" submitting successfully when box is empty


I have a number of boxes in a mobile app which when populated with information and the submit button is pressed should update the record in the database, this is working, however even if the box is left empty and validation is checked on, the form still submits the empty value successfully to the database. Screenshots below:

Screenshot 2023-05-22 084250
Screenshot 2023-05-22 085421

Please advise

Hi @Hugh_O_Keeffe

Thanks for reporting this! I am seeing something similar. It's a strange bug :thinking:

On my side, I am seeing that if I create the form in desktop & then elect to show it on mobile, the validation on submit works in desktop, but not in mobile. Then, vice versa, if I create the form in mobile and then show it on desktop, the validation only works properly on mobile. I'm curious if you're seeing the same behavior?

I'll submit this bug to our team for a fix! If you're seeing the same behavior, I'd recommend creating two separate forms if you need desktop & mobile (and hiding them as needed)

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