Issue with required fields


I am new to Retool and is currently building my first app to test the functionality.

I am building a simple solution where a user is able to create a record in a table using a form. When building the form i am noticing that if a field is marked as required, it can cause the surrounding elements to dance around in the app.

More specifically this will happen if a user starts entering data in a field, deletes that data, and tabs out of the field. This becomes noticeable when the row of fields below the field being populated, has multiple fields in one line. Suddenly the fields are out of order.

Has anyone noticed this, and how can it be resolved?

Also, is there a way to modify the default message of the required field? For instance i would like it to be in another language.

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Hi @mrt Do you mean that the "required" note can take up more space in the UI, causing the components to shift down in the form?

We don't have a way to display Retool defaults in another language, but you could do a custom validation rule with your own required message:

I don't believe there's a natively supported way to prevent that extra space for the validation message.

You could space out your components in anticipation of the validation message showing. Or, you could hide the validation message and show some other warning to the user like this:

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