Folder/App Structure in retoolContext

Would it be possible to make the org folder/file info available within apps? We have a nav feature that groups apps by folder and currently we're just updating a JS file in our nav module to do so. If we could access nested objects to do this it'd simplify the process a ton.

It would be nifty to have a "Use organization structure" toggle in the Retool nav component as well, with maybe an option to mark certain folders or apps as not active.


Hey @kschirrmacher! Just wanted to clarify before filing this—are you interesting in simply having access to the folder name within in app or do you want to be able to see all apps/folders or something else?

If the first, would something like this work for you to grab the folder name?

{{ retoolContext.appName.split('/')[0] }}

This grabs the appName, which includes the folder name then a slash then the app name, splits the appName property into the folder name into [folder name, app name]. Then we grab the first element, which is the folder name!

Hey Victoria,

My ideal scenario would be having access to all folders and apps from a given app so that we can render our nav menus dynamically as apps are added to the organization.


Thank you for clarifying! Filed :slightly_smiling_face: Will keep this thread updated

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