Firebase - support for the custom claims edit

Hi, I've just started working on the Retool app with Firebase resources. Unfortunately I couldn't find "Update custom claims" action type while there is no support for customClaims updating using user update method.

So the question: is there any way to somehow update claims using Retool?

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Hey there, to do this I think you need to enable raw firebase queries which is in beta. We can enable it for you but since this post is on the forum, we don't know which org you belong to. Could you go into your retool instance and chat with us using the little chat helper bubble?

could you just add the firebase.auth().setCustomUserClaims() to the list of action types?

Also could you write here step by step how to enable these raw queries? I just asked for it on chat, but unfortunately there is a info that you will be available there tomorrow.

Hi Marcin! I'd be happy to help enable the raw Firebase queries for you, with a couple caveats 😅 Feel free to write into us into so we can walk you through it!