FileInput API failure

Hi there!

I tried to upload the image to Image Hosting, but I always get some errors. I used 3 different APIs... But in the Postman everything working well. So I decided to share this with the community, I am sure you`ll help me to understand my problem.

What I want: upload the image to hosting, save the URL and write it to google sheet. The last task works for me.

I created the fileInput4 and RESTQuery POST action. As a source in the body I attach the file - at the beginning, it was {{fileInput4.value}}, but after some research here I write {{ { ...fileInput4.value , "data": fileInput4.value} }}.

I uploaded the file and then triggered my query.

My response is:
"error": {
"message": "Upload failed No error type ( No media uploaded or specified)"

I will very appreciate your help.

Hey @Nikita1 :wave: If you use {{ { ...fileInput4.files[0], "data": fileInput4.value[0] } }} do you get the same error?

Hi @lauren.gus ! Thank you for your answer!

I tried this option, too, and unfortunately, the same result: "Upload failed, No error type (no media uploaded or specified)"

UPD. But it helped me with other API I used before, so many thanks!!!


This worked for me - the problem I see is that the post key value pair should be media NOT source as shown in the first screenshot...

Seems like I'm accounting the same issue here

Would it be possible to just overwrite the body field name or add additional custom fields from the REST API resource? Thanks!