PUT multipart form data

  • Goal:
    Hi, I would like to create a resource that uploads an image file to an endpoint. The endpoint expects a key called attachment_upload as a key and I would like to upload the file given in fileInput2.value.

  • Steps:
    I have tried putting in name and data into a javascript object as the value.
    I have formatted correct key-value pair called attachment_upload as given in the screenshot.
    I am able to verify that no other modifications to the request are needed given that it works in postman without other changes to the request:

  • Details:
    The error message:

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  • App json export:

Hi @Ali_Reza_Mosavi,

Welcome to Retool - the fileInput component stores data as an array, so you might need to set the value to {{ fileInput1.value[0] }} to get the first element. You can right click on the component, select "view state" and then you can explore all the properties of the component - very helpful for debugging this kind of issue. You'll see the array object has properties for the base64data, filename, size and type.

Hi @MikeCB .

Thank you. This did not work for me. The same error appears again. It also appears that the retool documentation says that .value should give the correct schema when making a Form-Data PUT request. See this link under the form data section:

However, when using Postman, no other special modifications to the request are needed other than the selected file along with Form-Data specified as the request body.

Does your input tell you what format the "file" object you are sending is supposed to be?

The Retool file input object is:

  name: string;
  type: string;
  sizeBytes: number;
  base64Data: string;

If your API is expecting something different/more/less in terms of key names, you may need to transform it before you send.

It appears my data is being interpreted as a string object when I hover over it when I want it as a binary.

Here's how my request looks like, I can confirm that it expects binary because using this script in python works and reads it in binary:

When the request is sent over, this should technically be binary, correct?