Upload files to google storage result in a 15 B File


I'm working on a firebase admin panel and one of the features I'm testing is the upload image to Google Cloud Storage.
Currently the upload works but the amount of data uploaded are always 15B independently from the source.
It is the same reported in this closed topic where some suggestion are provide but no suggestion change the result

This is my query

This is the content of {{ fileInput1.value}} (it is cropped, is quite long)

This is the output

The result on firebase is the following

Changing the content type to binary does not change the result
Changing the {{ fileInput1.value}} to {{ fileInput1.value[0]}} does not change the result

So the file seems to be uploaded but is only a small part of the file

It seems I did something wrong, anyone know how to solve it?
Any way to intercept the real Query to Firebase to check the content?

thank you

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Out of curiosity, did you add the query.trigger as an event handler on the upload component for the Change event? If so, it triggers immediately on start of upload and doesn't yet have the state of the file since it would still be uploading on the client. This is obviously confusing so I can see if this is something we can get fixed but please let me know if that's the issue. One workaround is having a separate button to trigger the upload query after you've uploaded via the component.

Another way to check if at the last the upload query works: In edit mode on the app, you could try uploading via the component, and then running the upload query manually to see if at least that succeeds for your use case.


I investigate a little bit more, and it seems the problem is not related to the type of action but on the content of the data.



in the Upload data filed seems to work

thank you

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