Feedback on CloudFormation scripts


I just installed Retool without Temporal in AWS using CloudFormation. Here is some feedback on the retool-workflows.fargate.yaml script:

  1. For security reasons the RetoolECSPostgresInbound resource should only grant access to the RetoolSecurityGroup
  2. The license key should be a configurable parameter (NoEcho: true)
  3. Desired count should default to 0. The DesiredCount of the RetoolJobsRunnerECSservice should be configurable too.
  4. The Fargate services should set ServiceName so that they can be referred to in AWS CLI scripts.
  5. The Fargate clusters should be created by default
  6. MinimumHealthyPercent description is wrong and should be set to 100 by default
  7. MaximumPercent should be set to 200 by default
  8. It should be possible to choose between a dev and prod configuration where the dev environment uses a minimum of resources.
  9. COOKIE_INSECURE should be a configurable parameter


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Thanks for sharing this detailed feedback!