Manual Launch AWS

I'm following the manual AWS protocols because the 'one click' configuration turned into many, many clicks and a research project to determine why the retoolkeypair config wasn't working properly.

Alas, on to manual configuration & I encounter these Retool security group instructions:

"We need to open the following ports:"

    1. 80 (http)
    1. 443 (https)
    1. 22 (ssh)
    1. 3000 (Retool)
  1. Either I am missing something, or AWS has reformatted their launch config in such a way that port config does not appear?

  2. The more I read "we need to open the following ports," the more flummoxed I become over the many areas of retool documentation that range widely from adequate to childishly glossed-over.

Hi @effeapp! Thanks for reaching out and sharing this feedback

If you click the edit button on the Launch an instance page, you have more options to customize the Network Settings

For example:

Let me know if this is helpful! Happy to take another look

I appreciate the feedback on our documentation! Please let us know if there are any other specific areas you think we should take a look at & I'll loop in our documentation team