Feature Request: Google Charts Component

I'd love to see a Retool component built for Google Charts (Charts  |  Google Developers). We'd like to use Retool to support field sales efforts, and the mapping capabilities in the Google Charts package (plus everything else) are just far more robust than Plotly. We've built a lot of infrastructure on Google and the fewer additional libraries, the better.

Hi @jericsinger, and welcome to the community!

Thanks for sharing the feature request. It may be difficult for us to consider switching off of Plotly in it's entirety, but we could consider building a more powerful mapping component that is more powerful.

Would you mind sharing some thoughts on what features in a mapping component that you would find particularly useful? After a brief scan of the documentation that you linked, some of the features that we're missing in our current map component are:

  • Styling maps
  • Support for plotting raw addresses
  • "Info windows" for points

Is there anything else that you'd want?