Native Gmail integration

This should be a not brainer due to the market penetration (29% to 26%) of Gmail, so I'm left curious why is there not an easy Gmail Resource in Retool with insert-your-API-key, insert-your-secret?

There is a convoluted hack in [How do I Send Email From Retool Table w/ GMail API - #10 by Alexi](this thread) but most that have tried seem to end up in failing.

This would bring so much value to Retool!





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Thanks for posting this feature request @Little_Big_Apple and adding your interest @PatrickMast! I've linked this to a feature request ticket internally so that we can keep you updated if there's movement toward implementing it. I agree this would bring value and likely unlock lots of use cases :rocket:



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Hey folks! Just want to drop this thread here that goes over how to set up an SMTP resource to connect to Gmail. Could yall let me know how well that covers your use cases?

Sound like an interesting solution for now.

I'm trying to setup and encountered an "infinite Test connection" that does not close, successfully or unsuccessfully and end in a Time Out. Any ideas why?

:thinking: I'm not sure, what host and port are you using? And are you using your own gmail address/password?

Hi. I'm using the default ports provided by Gmail (via their configuration GUI) and our main account user and password yes.

I've decided to move away from Gmail SMTP solution as we decided to wait, and hope for, a proper native integration with better security.


Is there any update on Gmail integration? Given its market share this seems like a great idea!

Hey @JoshFialkoff, no update yet, SMTP is still the way to go for now!