Feature request: ability to override hardcoded text (e.g. wday in date picker) and i18n support in general

Specific request: be able to override day of week labels in date picker. For example, instead of Su, Mon I want to display the Spanish equivalent (Domingo, Lunes, etc.). Likewise for months (Jan, Feb , Mar, etc…) – for us specifically it doesn’t matter too much because the abbreviations are similar enough in Spanish, but it could be useful for other languages.
Ideally there would be an option to override any given component’s hard coded text as well (e.g. override a table’s No rows found text). Or internationalization capabilities in general.
The reason I ask for this is because we’re creating internal tools for our blue-collar employees who don’t speak English.

Hey @maurizio this is a very thoughtful feature request and I appreciate the detail and context that you provided. I’ve tracked this request and will definitely let you know when we improve internationalization. The two examples you provided are good ones and there are many more areas where we can improve internationalization for end users (as well as developers!). Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

Thanks. To be clear, our workers getting by just fine as is -- so not super high priority for us, mostly just wanted to offer feedback re how we're using Retool. The fact that blue collar workers in Mexico can use Retool apps without needing almost any training is a testament to how well designed the components are :muscle:

Hi @maurizio! We had another customer work on this for another purpose and he agreed to let us share the solution here:

div.pagination-bottom > div.-pagination > div:nth-last-child(1) > button.ant-btn.ant-btn-primary > span { display: none ;}

div.pagination-bottom > div.-pagination > div:nth-last-child(1) > button.ant-btn.ant-btn-primary:after { content: '保存'; }

div.pagination-bottom > div.-pagination > div:nth-last-child(1) > button.ant-btn > span { display: none ;}

div.pagination-bottom > div.-pagination > div:nth-last-child(1) > button.ant-btn:after { content: 'キャンセル'; }

Wow, I hadn’t realized how easy it is to override CSS in Retool. This should work, thanks!

It’s “easy” but also complex to get working seamlessly since it wont naturally take into account all the functionality of the things that are being changed. In the example above, that customer had to add in some extra CSS specifically for handling multiple pages since the CSS structure changes slightly i think.