Facing issues in iframe component

Hi, I am new to Retool. I am experiencing some issues when using the iframe component (screenshot attached below). I am using the following Grafana dashboard URL in the iframe:

When I tried using the same URL with the iframe component on other low-code platforms such as Appsmith, it worked fine. Can anyone pls help me to fix this?



It’s seems like it is able to contact the grafana server, the message is generated by grafana. Did you check all the suggestions mentioned in the message?

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Hi there! It would be helpful to hear if any of the suggested steps helped. Checking on the Grafana community, it seems like they provide similar suggestions. There's more discussion about this error here

I tested it on my side and wasn't able to display this link in an iframe (tested a Retool iframe, Retool custom component, and externally in an html iframe outside of Retool). I'm also seeing these errors in Retool:

I am getting the first error in my retool application, while my grafana link is working fine in external iFrame.

Hi @ShubhamLohar,

Were you able to get the link working with any of the troubleshooting steps suggested by Grafana?