Expandable table rows - automatically close a row expansion when a new row is selected

Hi everyone, maybe someone has come across the same problem and has a solution. I'm using expandable rows in a table, when I select a row and expand, additional data is displayed according to the row I have selected. When I select a new row, the expansion from the previous row remains open and now displays data from my current row selection. This is an issue because the user will see two instance of additional data for their selected row, in the row expansion where it's supposed to show and in the row expansion from the row that was previously selected. Is there any way to automatically close an expansion when a new row is selected?

Hi @Miriam_Rev - this is an open (as far as I know) feature request. I raised it here: Programmatically Expand/Collapse (Expandable) Rows in Table and also similarly here: How to deselect a row in a single-select table?.

@joeBumbaca I see you on the second post - any updates on these functionality requests for more control over the new table rows behaviors?

Thanks for connecting the dots to that Feature Request, @jg80 !

@Miriam_Rev check out the new updated functionality noted here today: Programmatically Expand/Collapse (Expandable) Rows in Table - #14 by Tess :slight_smile:

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