How to deselect a row in a single-select table?

Right folks, I cannot exclude that the systematic problem is between the chair and the keyboard so please bear with me.

I can't figure out how to deselect rows in the table (new one, not legacy). This table is set in the Single row selection mode, so there isn't these cute little selection boxes at the start of the row, which simply highlights when you click on the row.

And I don't know how to deselect a row previously selected. I don't mean programmatically, I mean through user clicks. I can select a row by clicking on it, it highlights and reacts correctly with the event handlers, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how it is meant to be de-selected.

I have tried another left click on said row, as well as ctrl-click, capital-click, right-click... I'm running out of ideas.

What am I missing?


You would have to select another row to deselect the current row selected.

You're right there's no way to unclick but you can script it.
It's a clunky workaround though, adding an event handler on the table row click event and storing the selectedRow in a temp variable. Compare the row click event with the last clicked one and if it's the same clear selection and if it's different set the variable.
Alternatively have a custom button on the table footer that's called "clear selection"

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There is no way to deselect the current row.
You must select another row.

Thanks all - changing it to Feature Requests