UX improvement; Expandable table rows, difficult to expand, not enough clicking space

I wish to use expandable table rows; however, there is not much space to click to expand the row. Therefore, you need to click very precisely to expand the row. Is it possible to enlarge the clicking space?

Also, on an iPad, this doesn't work. A finger is too large to click that precisely, so it only expands after several attempts.

Any suggestions to improve this?

Hi @ellenhelena :wave:

Totally agree, the click area for the row toggle needs to be bigger!

In several applications where I use collapsible rows, I've implemented a Click row handler that expands the row upon clicking. In my experience this improves the UX a lot!

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try :smile:


Hey! Thanks for that work-around @avr and for surfacing this issue @ellenhelena. I've created a feature request to improve this area of the product based on your feedback.