Error Loading Fonts

I noticed while I had the console open, that FireFox seems to have some issues with the font loading

I am not sure what that issue is in Firefox, but it does not show in Chrome.

Hello @khill-fbmc!

Thank you for finding this bug, will report it to our eng team.

Did you do any custom CSS or download/import additional fonts? Was there a specific component that might have caused this?

I am actually not building an app, but a workflow, so no components

@khill-fbmc ok great to know. May I ask what types of code blocks you are using in the workflow?

If you have any guesses on which one might be causing this that would also be greatly helpful for the bug report.

If not I can go through the full list of code blocks you are using to find which ones are using this "Inter"/"Inter var" font-family that seems to be causing the trouble!

I hate to inform you, but no blocks...

No worries haha, good to know that it is baseline. Should be an easy fix for our eng team. Does it prevent you from running the workflows?

It does not.

The only reason I noticed is that I like hacking on your interface with TamperMonkey and customizing things to my own liking.

So if you are throwing console errors, I'm going to see them. :wink:

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Ok great to hear :sweat_smile:

Very cool, I dig the custom colors for the workflows! I haven't heard of TamperMonkey before but I will have to check it out now :technologist:

I have filed the ticket for the font bug and will re-open this to let you know if and when I have any updates!

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