Workflow Resource Block Custom Header Colors

I wanted to share something I made for myself. I am a very visual person, so I like to color code things when I can. I was really wishing I could do that in ReTool with the Workflows. I wanted a nice color trail when building happy paths and the error nodes.

Since I am a huge fan of UserScripts and have been a TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkey user for a long time, I decided to make something...

ReTool Resource Colorizer!

Using the help of ChatGPT to flesh out the idea, because why not, I now have a working script that will help me make my rainbow workflows :slight_smile:

Source is here and you can install from OpenUserJS here.


This is awesome! So helpful and visually pleasing to boot. Thank you for sharing this on the forums, @khill-fbmc :hugs:

I just updated this to fix the menu and allow refreshing the colors :slight_smile:

Also, here is an example of how it helps me with a "seeder" workflow I made to populate a Salesforce Sandbox with fake records.

I added fakerjs as a library and each color is a separate Contact, Account, and Lead.