Can't reference startTrigger or or workflowContext within Workflows anymore

Recently, I went to add a new step to a workflow and noticed that startTrigger wouldn't autocomplete. When I type the full thing out I get the message:

startTrigger is not defined - try using the shortcut ⌃SPACE to show an autocomplete menu.

This was specifically in a MYSQL resource query.

I also did a test run and noticed the instances where I referenced startTrigger wouldn't compile properly.

This was working fine in my workflow for the last few months, and I didn't make any changes recently.

Here were my additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Made sure my blocks are all connected to the startTrigger step
  • Made sure the example JSON I had in my startTrigger was valid
  • Re-deployed the workflow and tried again: no difference
  • Made an entirely new workflow: no difference
  • Tried adding startTrigger to other blocks in the workflow. This DID make a difference. I didn't try every type of block, but startTrigger is available in code, but not in MYSQL and REST API.

After I wrote all this out, it looks like this error might also be occurring the workflowContext object, but I'm not positive. It won't autocomplete on the workflow editor, but the data (workflow ID) is rendering properly on an error handler step I have.

Here is a video

I'm having the exact same problem, except I also can't reference previous blocks at all.

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the video link isn't loading, would you mind double checking the link or uploading to somewhere else also (google drive, cloud storage somewhere... ect)?

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Updated the video link, the original one had some private info in it so I deleted it.

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I deleted the workflow that had an issue referencing data from previous blocks and re-created it. I'm still getting errors such as 'startTrigger' is not defined however if I run a code block referencing the data it actually works now.

Hey everyone, we have an internal bug ticket tracking this to get engineering eyes on it. I'll update this topic as I get any additional information to share. Currently I can reproduce the linting error, but blocks run as expected. Seems that's also what you all are seeing now, but wanted to confirm.

CleanShot 2024-07-02 at 07.59.51@2x

@joeBumbaca it's happening to queries too

@alex2222 thanks for flagging. That is included in our report as well. I'll definitely update whenever I can!

I'm sure it doesnt matter, but in the video it looks like the start block is saying there are no triggers enabled.... kinda curious if turning the webhook or schedule trigger on and then deploying make a difference at all?

Just tried adding a webhook trigger and deploying, no difference.

Any update on this bug?

Having the same issue here - workflows are not automatically defining previous blocks. Looking forward to this update!

Workflows setup prior to this bug are still working correctly for me too.

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+1 - seems to work in a query despite the linting error, but in a function it is non-functional:

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Thanks @jg80, noted this on the internal report. Looks like the value can still be passed into JS Code functions and referenced by the parameter name to work properly, but referencing it directly doesn't work. I'll update here when there's more information to share.

Also experiencing this bug and messing with ordinary course of business for us.

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@joeBumbaca can you provide an update on this? Everything in my workflows is linting as undefined (but still works). Trying to pass it off as just annoying, but would be good to know why this is happening and when it will be resolved.

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@jg80 No official update yet. I've added all the context on the intern al ticket and it is getting engineering eyes, but I don't have an ETA / scope of work that I can share unfortunately. I'll definitely update everyone here as I get any news to share.


Hi all,

We have deployed a fix for the code editor linting bug which should solve the issues reported in this thread. If you are still seeing these not defined warnings, please let us know!

So much better - thank you!!

Noticed I had to refresh the page for any open workflows I was working on, which makes sense, but just in case anyone is still seeing it I guess this would be step 1...

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Confirming it works! Thanks for patching this.

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