Error: Connection terminated due to connection timeout on Retool DB / Workflow


I am periodically getting this error when polling my retool DB within a workflow:
Error: Connection terminated due to connection timeout

with this metadata:

I have received this about 3 or 4 times over the last 24 hours across multiple workflows, which have been running fine (Every hour) but occasionally will fail.

Any ideas?

This has started to increase in intensity.

Hey @Mike_Miner thanks for asking about this, and thanks for your patience! I've seen other customers set up retries to handle timeouts. Give it a try adding a Retry count and Interval in the block settings as shown below, and let us know if that reduces the failures?

We are experiencing this quite frequently with Retool DB / Workflows as well and the frequency seems to have significantly increased over the past month. "Connection terminated due to connection timeout"

The business depends on these workflows to be reliable.

As we have hundreds of queries across our multiple workflows is it possible to change the default retry attempts and/or timeout on any new queries? For existing workflows is it possible to update these settings across all queries in a workflow?

Increasing the timeout to 300000 ms alone has not seemed to resolve the issue.

Hi @Lee, I'm sorry you are experiencing this. We just created a Feature Request to change the retry attempts setting of new and existing queries. We'll update you here when we get any news on the development of this feature. We are also tracking this increment of query timeouts. I'll leave this topic open to collect more reports/feedback on this.