Google Service Account Auth for REST API

It would be nice to be able to use Google Service Account Authentication for generic REST APIs. It could work the same way as for BigQuery, Storage and Firestore.

This would be useful for calling APIs deployed with Google Endpoints. With Endpoints I can deploy generic API backends and put service account authentication on top easily. If I could call these APIs with service account auth from retool just like for the other Google services I use it would save me from getting involved with OAuth2!

Since the auth is implemented for the other services already this feels relatively easy to add, so I hope you can do it!

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Ping !
I'd like to use Google Calendar API with service account auth...
since retool workflow is enable, would be great to use it with service account...!

This has been filed internally and we'll keep this thread updated! :slight_smile:

Any progress on this?
I'm trying to connect my retool app to my google workspace's calendar, so I can create future events when retool apps create new records.

But, at the moment, I cannot use a google service account to allow retool to access and manage my calendar.

Is there another way to achieve this?


It would be helpful for us to have it as well, I would like to manage files in Google Drive using a service account.

No progress yet, but I just bumped this request internally and will post here with any updates! :crossed_fingers:

Hi. Any progress on this?
Is there a timeline?

My app is not working properly without the ability to connect use a service account for google Calendar API.


Still no progress here, unfortunately :frowning:

Would you mind sharing more about your use case here so I can pass it along with your +1 to eng? As a potential workaround, are you able to create a new REST API resource for each required endpoint with the specified parameters?

We will want this for sure as well. We are going to be needing to have retool interacting with a google drive on behave of the users using the retool app. The files created are not intended to be owned or registered to the individual that created them. It will be for a production management system where people will be able to upload images and such of problems or successes they are experiencing on the job. We do not want every user to have to have an authenticated google account and be signed into it to interact with the retool app. We want it to work the way the sample GSheets resource functions. It just seems to work no matter who is logged into and using an app. Maybe there is another way I am not understanding to get google drive auth working in a similar fashion?