Embedded Retool into Angular application


I embedded Retool into my Angular Application with the help of this documentation Embedding Retool and Public Apps in javascript.
But only Retool Login page is displayed and as I try to login here it automatically logs me out.

And the error which I get in my console.

And this is my retool viewer link

Hey pratishtha!
Welcome to the forum :-).

Have you made sure to enable a public link in the App Share settings?

ok for this we need to have a paid plan right?

Regarding what features are available in which plans, you should talk to Retool. It's not really something anyone else here in the community can advise on, as we can't see what plan you're on or what plans you have available.

I'm not aware of any limitations to public apps, if you just open an app (in view mode, not edit mode) and click the blue share icon in the top right corner, you should see the same modal as the one I just posted here in my previous message.

Hi @pratishtha! Did you want the app to be public for anyone that views your embedded page, or do you want end users to have to log in to Retool on the embedded version?

To confirm, if you go directly to the app link, are you able to log in and view it without getting any errors?

Hi @Tess what I want is that I created one page using retool and I want to embed it into my existing application which is on public domain. I haven't purchased any plan. I will if I know am I going in the right direction or not before buying it

Yes I am able to log in and see the page without any errors

Public apps are a Business plan feature: https://retool.com/pricing/

Publishing your app as a public app means that anyone with the link will be able to access it directly. You can certainly then embed it in another page

To share it as a public app:

Keep in mind that we do not support any authentication in public apps, so you cannot have queries that rely on user auth to run successfully

Just one thing @Tess if I redirect to the retool page using a link in my app, it will ask the user to have his account, is there any way where this retool login doesn't appear??

Hi @pratishtha

If the user starts in a public app that links to another app, you'll have to make sure both apps are shared publicly. Assuming they are both shared publicly, then Retool should route them to the public version.

If the end user starts in a non public app or non Retool page that links to a public app, you'll have to direct them to the public app link specifically instead of the go to app event or the internal app link.

Does that help? Let me know if you're seeing a bug! If so, please share screenshots of how you're redirecting