Embedded retool app requires sign in

  • Goal: Embed a retool app

  • Steps: Followed all steps in the retool embed docs here Embed a web app with Retool Embed | Retool Docs

  • Details: I generate a retool embed URL using the API, I use the url to embed the app, it loads for a second and then redirects the user to the retool login screen.

I'd suggest trying the Embed SDK?

Im using the "react-retool" library. Its not supposed to work?

I'm not sure, comparing the githubs (react-retool and retool-embed) it looks like react-retool is a bit behind and hasn't been updated in 10 months. retool-embed was just released, so if there are differences from backend/api changes i'd expect this to work more consistently than react-retool. i kinda wonder if the 2 projects are managed by 2 different teams or if react-retool is about to be deprecated or something.

Yep. I think you're right. But I can't seem to get it to work with React

React with Nextjs *

found this retool demo using next.js. the github links a medium article with detailed steps also.

looked at the codebase, it uses react-retool but if you wanted to use that newer retool-embed sdk instead i think you only need to change RetoolWrapper.js so it returns the HtmlElement createRetoolEmbed makes: return createRetoolEmbed({ }) instead of return <Retool ... />.

Thanks for this! have tried both like in the example and doing what you suggested and still have the same issue. I believe its something to do with the retool app itself and not the URL im generating / the way im embedding it.

ya :slightly_frowning_face: it definitely sounds like it. hopefully one of the retool people or engineers knows what's going on. if i get the time i'll see if i can poke around on one of my vercel projects, at some point in time i had tested public embeddings but i don't remember where :face_exhaling:

Found the issue. I was loading an image from retool storage for the company logo - for some reason this was throwing a 401. Removed the logo and it's working now. (This is an embedded private app not a public app, not sure if that makes a difference)

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