Public Facing Embed

Hey just built a web app that I wanted to embed into our website. Its supposed to be public facing to query a google sheet for a specific field. I keep getting this error
This app contains queries to resources which require authentication. These will not work in public apps.

But I am subscribed to the business plan and thought embed was an option so I am confused as to what I need to do. I reached out to support as I saw another thread saying I needed enterprise but thought the business plan covered it.

Or what do I need to do to make this public facing so people do not need to login.

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there're a few ways to embed your retool app, which one are you currently trying to use?

It sounds like you need to use the Retool Embed JS SDK. the github is over here

even though you're on the business plan, do keep in mind the little pricing caveat but especially remember that last sentence :smile:.

I'm sure if you sent any of the Retool people a DM or tagged them asking what could be done if you fall into one of those situations given you're use case, they'd be happy to point ya in the right direction

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