Embed Usersnap Widget in Retool App

I'm trying to embed the Usersnap widget in our retool app so our users can easily report bugs & feature requests.

Usually embedding Usersnap is a matter of pasting the below just before in the app's index.html.

Is there a way to do this with retool apps?

Note - I've tried pasting that js code into "Preload JS" which doesn't work.

And when I paste that js code into the console and run it after the app has loaded the usersnap widget displays and works as expected.

Any guidance here much appreciated!


Have a similar issue w/ gleap where using the js code in preloaded will not load the widget, but usage in a custom component is just fine. Downside is its only within the component so formatting around it is not a good experience. Following to see if anyone has suggestions.

Hi @BenCook, welcome to the forum! :wave:

As @DannyF mentioned, Retool's Custom Component is the way to embed almost anything we don't have a built-in component for, but there is a trade off. I recommend trying to embed with the IFrame component first.

Dropping the url from the "script.src" on your screenshot may do the trick:

If it doesn't, then try the "Custom Component"

Let us know how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks guys couldn't get either to work. Not the end of the world

Thanks for the update. I'm sorry we were not able to make it work. Hopefully another user is able to embed a Usersnap widget and can share their experience.
On the other hand, we could create tables and forms for those bugs and feature requests. Then create a query to automatically email them to your admin, It should not take long to implement on Retool. :sunglasses: