Embed Url in a popup behavior

Hello retool community,

I have successfully embedded a retool app in my angularjs application. This app appears in a popup in my application. I have two main issues that I would like to resolve.

  1. when I initially mouse over the popup it successfully get the embed url from retool and displays my app. If I then close the popup and mouse over again it shows the retool login page. At the moment I am NOT requesting a new embed url when I mouse over, but I have tried it both with and without request a new url and neither worked.

  2. When the app does show it is too tall and there is a bunch of wasted space at the bottom but I cant seem to figure out how to fix that. I have set the "set canvas max width" setting and the width looks ok, but I am not sure how to handle the hieght.

Just in case someone ends up here looking for something similar.

making a new request for the embed url did end up working. I can now close my pop up and reopen it and it pulls a new url. The main issue with this ended up being related to my front end framework angularjs (I know).

The viewport stuff I ended up handling by setting the size of the iframe in html. This gives me a scroll bar by default and I think for my purposes I can make that work,

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