Embed into a SSO'd Sharepoint page

We have a SaaS solution and need to deploy one Retool front-end app per client.
Each client has its own MFA/SSO solution and our user audience is about 5 users per client to start with.

Retool Enterprise doesn't work for us as it only supports one SSO per organization (ours). Instead, we need one SSO (and one custom domain if required) per app.

We were thinking about a SSO proxy but too complicated to implement and hacky - unless there is a reliable full-managed service, this isn't for us.

However our clients are usually a MS shop and their primary SSO is Azure AD (with optional second MFA solution) hence the idea to have the Retool app Embedded into a custom Sharepoint page.... conceptually. Not sure if feasible.

Anyone has experience with this or an idea for alternatives ? I feel other SaaS with similar model are quite lonely in that space. All low-code platforms mainly focus on internal tools for large Enterprises.

Hello @yiga2, with an Enterprise plan you can Configure Spaces to handle a different SSO configuration for each "Space." Each "Space" will also have their own domain. You can book a demo if you would like to see its potential before committing to it. :slightly_smiling_face: